Wedding of Lucy & Dominic at East Quay, Whitstable, Kent.

Just imagine it, you have one of the coolest wedding venues in Kent right down at the seaside edge, live music the beer is flowing fish and chips by the bag-full and you are dropped off in Marty?.  You have your family, closest friends and the sun is shining and it's a Sunday so you can take Monday off work...blissful comes to mind don't you think.

That's just where we were at yesterday, down at the coastal town of Whitstable in Kent.  Whitstable is famed for it's food and beer, especially it's sea food with Oysters being top of everyone's list that comes to eat at the many pubs and restaurants.

The East Quay building is a licensed wedding venue in Whitstable Harbour with direct sea views.  The venue, the original oyster grading room of the Sea salter and Ham Fishery, has a large dining room, dance floor, stage and open-plan kitchen.  The venue also has a mezzanine level, also with sea views and bar. 

We love it so much so, that we have both agreed this is the perfect location for us when the time is right ( and Steve bothers to pop the question). It is laid back, chilled and private - we just love it. 


Some great news is we have also been included to be a preferred supplier for services at the venue so expect to see both Marty & Belle parked out front next to the surf boards, providing the perfect backdrop for photos.


Our very first blog post....

So here we are, you've landed at our very first blog post on the brand new website.  We have to first apologise for it taking so long to arrive, no excuses other than we have been extremely busy whisking all of you lovely newly weds around the county that the prospect of then sitting at the computer has been simply exhausting.

So what is the aim of the blog and why are we doing it?

As you know Steve has come onboard the team and now forms an integral part to what we are about.  Steve brings along not only his charm and handsome looks (his words of course) but a wealth of photographic knowledge and talent.  First and foremost his work is one of a 'story teller' and 'documentary' style photographer from his days working as a news photographer in the British Army.  Since leaving the forces he has focussed all of his efforts on becoming one of Kent's best established 'documentary wedding photographers'.

Here on the blog, whether Steve is shooting an entire wedding or simply just driving Marty for the day you can guarantee to have a few unique images in his own style to post up and let you see.  It's also lovely for us to have some reflection time after a wedding and write about our day, as you can imagine we get to go on some stunning road trips around the county that all we want to do is share with you.

We get to work at some of the loveliest locations both wedding and private residences.  One minute we could be at Preston Court or The Lobster Shack in Whitstable, the next in a field with a Marquee on the Isle of Sheppey or Cooling castle barn near Cliffe.

Of course and it goes without saying that if we have some great images of you getting into the cars we would love to let you keep them but also want to show others looking to book us so that they too can be inspired. 

Here is a perfect example of what Steve does at each wedding when he is employed as your driver for the day.