Wedding of Shelley & Phill Welch Cooling Castle Barn, Kent.

Starting of our brand new approach with blog posts and pictures from each of our weddings we have the wedding of the newly named and newly married Mr & Mrs Shelley & Phill Welch.

It was Monday morning and the sun was trying it's best to break through the miserable grey clouds here in Bexley as we both got the cars ready before heading down the Maidstone. Dawn was responsible for the bridal car which for today was Belle and Steve was in Marty which was to run alongside Dawn and collect the bridal party including mum.

As ever we look over the cars thoroughly before any road trip and making sure everything is in tip top condition including any adjustments to the flowers and ribbons etc.  Looking at the impending weather conditions we always make sure we pack the parasol's just incase! We both set off and headed south along the M20 thanks to the lifting of operation stack a day previous.  Operation stack causes us no end of headaches when we are working in and around Maidstone and Ashford as you can rightly imagine and hopefully sympathise with if you also live local and something we are all going to have to get used to living here in Kent.

On arrival at the house we were greeted by Shelley's dad, father of the bride-whom looked rather calm and relaxed.  Dad was also an avid camper enthusiast and he had a good old nosey around Marty reminiscing about days gone by.  Shelley arrived from the front door of the house nice and early relieving any pressure from us to get her to Cooling Castle Barn on time and in fact most of our bride's are very good and rarely are we ever late.

Shelley appeared looking gorgeous, with what has to be one of the biggest dresses we have seen this year so far, so much so it was a team effort to squeeze her into the back seat of Belle.  Bright red hair and contrasting turquoise shoes she looked every part the glam bride.

We all loaded up and headed onwards up to the top of Bluebell hill and onto the M2 and into Cooling Castle where we met with the official photographer and staff from the castle.  Phill, Shelley's groom was inside at this point as the photographer sorted out a handful of official group photo's just before Shelley made her way inside and headed down the aisle.

From our experience the service time at Cooling is usually quite quick and so the wait time wasn't too long.  Once married the newly weds re appeared back outside together as the new Mr & Mrs Welch along with immediate family members and bridal parties for more official group photo's in front of the castle gate turrets.  Steve then took Shelley & Phill of for a 15 minute bible along the country lanes in Marty, so that they get some personal time to reflect but also a great chance for Phill to have a go in one of the cars. We returned back to the barn safe and sound.   Here the photographer gets to take over and assists us in any direction of where he/she would like the cars to compliment any posed shots or to be used as props.  This is the time Steve gets busy with his camera, capturing any moments in his unique documentary style that guests hardly even notice.  That;s the exact beauty to what he does, he moves about making images that the official photographer never gets.  These are the images you all get to see here on the blog but also we like to send them onto you to use as you wish.

Once the official pictures have been taken we tend to slip off and allow the wedding party to return back to the remaining guests back inside the venue to continue on with the celebrations.

We hope you like this small selection of images made by Steve.

thanks for reading